LiFePO4 Battery For Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

3.2V to 12.8V, support custom dimensions & capacity
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LiFePO4 Battery Advantages:

Emergency lights batteries need excellent stability and safety to ensure that safety instructions are maintained during power outages. LiFePO4 (LFP, Lithium iron phosphate) battery back up by the safest lithium LiFePO4 materials as well as high energy density. When used in emergency lights and exit signs, they have the following advantages over lead-acid batteries, nickel-hydrogen batteries and other lithium batteries:

1. The built-in lifepo4 cells of the emergency light battery is manufactured by ourselves, which can ensure high consistency and high quality from the selection of materials, cell sorting and assembly process.
2. We developed full lines of emergency lights lifepo4 battery from 3.2V to 12.8v with 0.5Ah-6Ah high density capacity. Standard emergency lights lifepo4 battery without any custom, and can shipped in 3-4days.
3. Our emergency lights lifepo4 battery enhanced safety by hi-quality protective board that can protect lifepo4 battery from over charge, over discharge, over current and over heating.
4. Our emergency lights lifepo4 battery come more than 2000cycles longer lifespan, that is 10-12 times the cycle life of lead-acid batteries, and have no memory effect. It is very cost effectively and environmentally friendly.
5. Our emergency lights lifepo4 battery can work well at wider temperature from -20°C to 70°C.
6. We design ultra low temperature lifepo4 cells for emergency lights, it can run at 40°C to 65°C, please contact us when need.
7. We provide the technical support and full quotation including technical data for your evalution, 2hours fast reply.
8. Support custom lifepo4 battery with specify dimension, capacity, shape, work current compatible with your emergency fixtures.

Hot-selling LiFePO4 Battery for Emergency Lights and Exit Signs

With the insight into the customer’s special power needs and over years well-experience, we designed some standard lifepo4 battery packs that widely used in emergency lights and exit signs. These lifepo4 battery pack enhanced safety by hi-quality PCM and have longer battery life, compact battery dimensions. It is available to custom the lifepo4 battery packs based on your mechanical design and prototypes testing, whatever high voltage, high capacity, special battery shape, high power can be meet. Please contact us to get specifications and quotation for evaluation now!

lifepo4 battery pack lfp1450-2s1p 0.5Ah 6.4V 3.2Wh

Dimensions: Φ15*105mm
Discharge Power: 1A
Applications: Household lights, flashlights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-1s2p 3ah 3.2v 9.6wh

Dimensions: Φ19*135mm
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Emergency lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-2s1p 1.5ah 6.4v 9.6wh

Dimensions: L38*W19*H70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Emergency exit lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-2s2p 3ah 6.4v 19.2wh

Dimensions: L38*W38*70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Medical monitoring devices

lifepo4 battery pack lfp26650-2s1p 3ah 6.4v 19.2wh

Dimensions: Φ27*H135 (mm)
Discharge Power: 3A
Applications: Industrial lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp1450-3s1p 0.5ah 9.6v 4.8wh

Dimensions: Φ38*H70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1A
Applications: Explosion-proof devices

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-3s1p 1.5ah 9.6v 14.4wh

Dimensions: L58*W19*75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Safety monitoring equipment

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-4s2p 3ah 12.8v 38.4wh

Dimensions: L80*W40*L75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Solar Street Lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp26650-4s2p 6ah 12.8v 76.8wh

Dimensions: L110*W55*75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 3A
Applications: Solar Street Lights

Emergency Lights and Exit Signs LiFePO4 Battery Lists 

LFP Battery ModelVoltageCapacityEnergyDimensions


The Protective Board will be designed based on the work current of your emergency lights, please also tell us what’s charge current, work current, peak current about your equipments when contact.

We can assemble the Connectors, Output Wires as your specify like Molex, JST, please specify when contact.

We produce new battery every month but may not be updated on the website in time. If you do not find a battery that suits your product, please contact us and we will recommend a suitable lifepo4 battery for you.

Why Choose Us ?

As a industry leading LiFePO4 Battery (lfp battery, lithium iron battery, lithium iron phosphate battery) Manufacturer, the philosophy of “quality first, service first” drives us to continuously create superb LiFePO4 battery and trustworthy partnerships. With over 10years of battery sales experience, we have deeply insights into the various needs of our customers, and manufactured comprehensive LiFePO4 battery line for various applications like small wearable device, IOT devices, solar energy system, medical devices, RVs, marines, low speed vehicles and more.

We supply excellent quality LiFePO4 Battery vary in 20mAh-400Ah capacity, 1C-30C high discharge rate, various shapes of cylindrical, pouch/polymer, plastic case, aluminum shell and high power 12V(12.8V) LiFePO4 Battery. The off the shelf LiFePO4 battery samples can be fast shipped within 3-5days for prototype testing, and also accept small order. Moreover, thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and precise testing equipments LTOPOW® have ability to custom the LiFePO4 Battery dimension/capacity as customer’s specify, please contact us if need.

Trusted LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer

  • IOS, ROHS, MSDS, UN38.3, CE, IEC Safe Certifications
  • Strong Production Capacity, Over 3Gwh LiFePO4 Battery per year
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities, Rigorous QA Control
  • Professional Battery Team with 40% Senior R&D Employees

High Quality LiFePO4 Battery

  • Huge Selection of LiFePO4 Battery Capacity, Discharge Rate, Shape
  • Class A LiFePO4 Battery with High Consistency in Voltage, Capacity, Internal Resistance
  • LiFePO4 Battery Samples Fast Delivery, with Ex-Factory Price
  • Support Custom/OEM/ODM Service

Great & Professional Service

  • Fast DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) Shipment by UPS, DHL, FedEX
  • 12hours Fast Full Quotation with Technical Data Sheets
  • 1 Year Warranty Guarantee, Ex-factory Price Guarantee
  • Experienced Sales Employees for Order Following


Q: How can i place an battery order and proceed with the payment?

A: Please send your battery request by email to get full quotation (price, lead time, shipment), and we accept payment via PayPal, Western Union or T/T.

Q: I want LiFePO4 Battery that integrated with PCM or connectors or NTC, Can you do that?

A: Yes, We can integrated PCM, connectors, NTC or other component as your specify. Please tell us the details when contact us.

Q: Does your LiFePO4 battery approved by IEC, ROHS, UN38.3, MSDS, CE certification?

A: Yes, some popular LiFePO4 battery model have been certificated these certification. And we can apply for specify certification, but need more effort, please worry free to contact us.

Q: I can't find fit battery model for my application, Could you please suggest a suitable one for me?

A: Yes, please send your dimensions, capacity need to us, we can recommend suitable battery for you. And we are manufacturing new battery models every month, custom battery is also available.

Q: Can I get a MOQ and fast delivery time?

A: Yes, we accept small orders in your project startup with 5pcs-10pcs MOQ, 3-5days fast lead time, UPS/DHL/FedEx Door to Door Delivery.

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