LiFePO4 Battery Pack

We design hi-quality lifepo4 battery pack for your special energy need. Enhanced by hi-tech PCM/BMS protection, longer battery life, A grade lifepo4 cell assembled. Thanks to the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and precise testing equipments, introducing well-experienced engineering R&D team, we can provide customized lifepo4 battery pack based on your products.

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LiFePO4 Battery Pack Advantages:

1. Built-in lifepo4 cells for lifepo4 battery pack are manufactured by ourselves, all lifepo4 cells are new and A grade battery.

2. implement rigorous QA & QC operates and equipped with MES (manufacturing execution system) management system for lifepo4 battery pack design from lifepo4 cells sorting, PCM/BMS design, automatic welding to high-tech assembly, lifepo4 battery testing, which ensures the high consistency of lifepo4 battery pack in capacity, voltage, resistance, charge/discharge performance.

3. Our well-experienced engineering team can design higher safety PCM/BMS to protect battery and extended lifepo4 battery life. Furthermore we offer flexible design to meet your special need in terms of battery dimensions, work current and connector needs.

4. The battery lifespan of lifepo4 battery (lithium ion phosphate, LFP) can up to 2000cycles, is twice that of other lithium battery. lifepo4 battery delivers 80% energy and maintenance saving when compared other available battery types, which is first truly sustainable battery technology for emergency lighting, energy storage system, solar energy system.

LiFePO4 Battery Packs For Sale

With the insight into the customer’s special power needs and over years well-experience, we designed some standard lifepo4 battery packs that widely used in emergency lights and exit signs, solar street lights, medical monitoring equipments. These lifepo4 battery pack enhanced safety by hi-quality PCM and have longer battery life, compact battery dimensions. It is available to custom the lifepo4 battery packs based on your mechanical design and prototypes testing, whatever high voltage, high capacity, special battery shape, high power can be meet. Please contact us to get specifications and quotation for evaluation now!

lifepo4 battery pack lfp1450-2s1p 0.5Ah 6.4V 3.2Wh

Dimensions: Φ15*105mm
Discharge Power: 1A
Applications: Household lights, flashlights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-1s2p 3ah 3.2v 9.6wh

Dimensions: Φ19*135mm
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Emergency lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-2s1p 1.5ah 6.4v 9.6wh

Dimensions: L38*W19*H70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Emergency exit lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-2s2p 3ah 6.4v 19.2wh

Dimensions: L38*W38*70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Medical monitoring devices

lifepo4 battery pack lfp26650-2s1p 3ah 6.4v 19.2wh

Dimensions: Φ27*H135 (mm)
Discharge Power: 3A
Applications: Industrial lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp1450-3s1p 0.5ah 9.6v 4.8wh

Dimensions: Φ38*H70 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1A
Applications: Explosion-proof devices

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-3s1p 1.5ah 9.6v 14.4wh

Dimensions: L58*W19*75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Safety monitoring equipment

lifepo4 battery pack lfp18650-4s2p 3ah 12.8v 38.4wh

Dimensions: L80*W40*L75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 1.5A
Applications: Solar Street Lights

lifepo4 battery pack lfp26650-4s2p 6ah 12.8v 76.8wh

Dimensions: L110*W55*75 (mm)
Discharge Power: 3A
Applications: Solar Street Lights

Custom LiFePO4 Battery Pack For Your Design

We offer customized lifepo4 battery pack service to compliant your mechanical design and prototypes testing. Please contact us to send your battery requirments, our expert engineers team can give good proposal within 1-2 business day that includes compatible lifepo4 battery models, technical data sheet, performance testing, full quotations, lead time, shipments choice for your evaluation.

Helping our customer to achieve perfect balance on prototypes design, battery performance and project budget is goal of work, You will be pleased to find both product quality and customer service EXCELLENT on LTOPOW. Contact Us TODAY!

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From lifepo4 battery cell manufacturer & sorting, PCM design, pack assemblem, package, we operate rigorous quality control with good cost-efficiency. Hi-quality battery, affordable ex-factory price.

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Well-experienced engineers team can offer good proposal within 1 business day. Full quotations with specifications, lead time, shipments cost can be get for your fast evaluation.

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We can offer hi-quality lifepo4 battery pack with cost-effective based on your project budget, 5-10pcs customized samples quatity without any custom fee, fast UPS/FedEX/DHL global fast delivery.

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