Lithium Titanate LTO Battery

Excellent Safety, Over 7000cycles Longer Life

LTOPOW® deliver hi-quality Lithium Titanate LTO Battery to enpower your design. Over 7000cycles life, support fast charge & high power rate, from -40°C to  75°C wider running temperature, excellent safety. Get Cutting-edge technology lto battery for evaluation now!

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2.4V Cylindrical High Power LTO Battery

LTO Battery Model Lists

Lithium Titanate LTO Battery 2.4V
Battery ModelVoltageCapacityDimensions (D*H)Fast Charge RateHigh Discharge RateWEIGHT
LTO04072.4V2mAh4.0*7.0 (mm)10C10C0.22g
LTO46102.4V5mAh4.6*10 (mm)5C10C0.39g
LTO08122.4V10mAh8.0*12 (mm)2C10C1.22g
LTO05252.4V12mAh5.0*25 (mm)5C10C2.2g
LTO65382.4V50mAh6.5*38 (mm)5C10C2.6g
LTO72302.4V45mAh7.2*30 (mm)5C10C2.4g
LTO72402.4V65mAh7.2*40 (mm)5C10C3.2g
LTO10152.4V40mAh10*15 (mm)5C10C2.4g
LTO10202.4V60mAh10*20 (mm)5C10C3.5g
LTO10302.4V80mAh10*30 (mm)3C10C4.7g
LTO13202.4V140mAh13*20 (mm)3C10C8g
LTO13252.4V170mAh13*25 (mm)3C20C8.3g
LTO13302.4V220mAh13*30 (mm)3C20C8.6g
LTO13352.4V240mAh13*35 (mm)3C15C9.5g
LTO13402.4V260mAh13*40 (mm)3C15C11g
LTO144302.4V450mAh14*43 (mm)2C20C16g
LTO145002.4V500mAh14*50 (mm)2C20C16.5g
LTO162902.4V320mAh16*29 (mm)2C20C12.5g
LTO165002.4V700mAh16*50 (mm)2C20C23g
LTO185002.4V900mAh18*50 (mm)3C10C30g
LTO186502.4V1300mAh18*65 (mm)3C10C40g
LTO226502.4V2000mAh22*65 (mm)3C10C57g
LTO266502.4V3000mAh26*65 (mm)3C10C60g
LTO357002.4V3800mAh35*70 (mm)2C3C116g
LTO351202.4V7000mAh35*120 (mm)2C2C210g
LTO401302.4V10000mAh40*130 (mm)4C4C285g

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